Friday, August 10, 2012

6:12 AM

Ardamax Keylogger 3.9.1(latest) Free Serial Key/

Ardamax Keylogger is a invisible computer monitoring application.We need monitoring softwares to record PC activity when we are away. You can also use them if you want to log the passwords when your friends log in through your computer.So, today I have decided to giveaway the serial of  Ardamax keylogger  3.9.1 worth USD 44.95

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1. Get Ardamax Keylogger 3.9/3.9.1 Serial ( We Are Here)

Ardamax Keylogger features:
The given below features are extracted from their official site.
  • Email log delivery 
  • FTP delivery 
  • Network delivery 
  • Clipboard logging 
  • Invisible mode 
  • Visual surveillance 
  • Chat monitoring
  • Security
  • Application monitoring 
  • Time/Date tracking
  • Powerful Log Viewer 
  • Small size 
Ardamax Keylogger 3.9.1/3.9 Free Serial Key

      you dont need to buy.

  1. Name: h3d1und 3r1k
    Serial: 206B-2A3B-91A2
  2. Right click the Ardamax icon on your system tray and click register.
  3. Enter the name and serial key provided in the downloaded file.
  4. Enjoy!!

    Hex Editing Ardamax Keylogger to Make it FUD

     Make Ardamax Keylogger  FUD. I had to choose this option because the crypters were no more FUD. People who doesn’t have patience may not continue because this post is rather lengthy.It took me 4-5 hours to make it FUD though!So lets begin..
     You will the following things-
    1.File Splitter
    2.Hex Editing Software
    3. Antivirus
    4. And of course the keylogger (in my case i am using ardamax)
     To make it easy for you all I have added the screenshots too.

    1. First split the keylogger into 4 parts.But how you gonna do that? Divide the bytes by 4 like below:
    2. The files will be split in the desired location:

    3. Scan them and see which is infected. For me it was install.exe.1:

    4.Split this file too and scan them with same process until you don’t get any detection.
    5.For me this was the last file that was detected! So I will now open the detected file with the Hex Editor like this:


    6. Antiviruses use signatures to detect keyloggers and other malwares. So the trick is here. We have to edit the signature to make it different and the antivirus won’t be able to detect it. It is not easy to find the signature and edit them. So you have to use the trial and error method until you get it right, however this is not enough, editing may interfere with the Remote File and can make it to not work.In my case I changed the following thing:

    7. Save the file.Then scan it …

    I made it FUD. Now click on Create_install to compile the file. You are done. If you are successful then comment with your file links.Hope you like my tutorial.