Thursday, September 5, 2013

9:33 AM
Prince of Persia  The two thrones, one of the amazing game introduced in 2005. It would be a great loss, if you don't try it at-least once. After 2005 there released so many OS and processors, with high graphical interface. Many of them don't supports the older games. After  migrated from xp to windows 7, I also had the same problem. Price of Persia The two thrones won't get supported in windows 7 , which i had successfully competed using windows XP. While opening through 7 it shows unknown AMD processor.

Solution to unknown AMD processor in POP Two thrones

I had sought for a long time to get the solution for unknown AMD processor which results in a failure. After that i thought to find a solution myself. I found that creating a bypass to the game can avoid this Unknown AMD processor problem. Follow the steps to solve unknown AMD processor problem in Price of Persia The two thrones.

 Unknown AMD processor in Prince of Persia TheTwo thrones

  • Install the game.
  • Download this files from here.
  • Copy the both files [amir.dll and pop2.exe] to the installation folder of your game.
  • A dialogue box appear asking to keep both files or to replace. Click replace.
  • Now open your game.
  • You can see the "unknown AMD processor" problem get skipped.


NB: These steps are really cracking your game. We won't responsible for any key deletion or any problem related to your game licence.


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