Thursday, September 5, 2013

9:09 AM
Many webmasters struggles to improve their Page rank due to low Dofollow backlinks. You know High page rank websites got more CPC for google adsense. Are your Page rank still at zero? Currently bloggertechn/ also have page rank 0, but surely improve rank in next Page rank updation. We are Collecting huge collection of dofollow backlinks.

In previous post we had discussed about 51 websites which offer dofollow backlinks for commenting. All are requested to read that post. One of our reader commented that only 95% of that list are dofollow. Anyway that was a great piece of information. 

Today we are providing another list of websites which offers dofollow backlinks for commenting. You just need to visit those websites and put links of your websites. Search engines catch those dofollow backlinks and gives you more traffic and better page rank.

10 Pure Dofollow Backlink websites list 2013: Get easy backlinks

Another peculiarity of this list are these sites are unknown to most of the webmasters. We had developed this list after great research. None of this websites are nofollow. In future we will provide more dofollow backlink lists.

Dofollow backlink websites for getting backlinks                       PR RANK 8                      PR RANK 8                                PR RANK 7                PR RANK 4                 PR RANK 4      PR RANK 3                  PR RANK 2         PR RANK 1       PR RANK 1

All of this listed websites allow commenting. While commenting keep in mind that don't make your comment as spam. Really spamming comments will not get published on those sites.


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