Friday, September 6, 2013

4:16 AM
Facebook is the worlds largest Social media Networking website. Many times it overcome the first rank position of in case of traffic.

Liking option in Facebook plays a great role in the development of Facebook  lots and lot of sharing is based on Facebook likes. High intensity of likes in Facebook pages makes more demand for the products described by the page.

 increase Facebook Likes

Some people looks only for the count of likes for their last status update. Getting 100 likes for a simple Good night makes those people very happy. People looking for likes in Profile pictures and status are increasing day by day. getting 1000 likes on a photo makes them most happiest person in the world.

This is what the changes made by Facebook with in a small span of period. If you are one of those who looking for getting likes in Facebook, I am giving you a key idea for getting unlimited likes. this is what you can do with the help of Facebook Autolikers.

This article is one of the modification of our previous article of getting likes in Facebook. There I described the organic way to getting likes. 

Get likes in Facebook for free

The term I am going to describe here is about AutoLikers For Facebook. While using autolikers, you are sharing Access Token of your Facebook, which gives permission to do likes and comments on other profiles without your knowledge. 

In all autoliker websites, there will be many persons online and shares their Access Tokens as you do. Thus you will get likes from those online persons and you likes their status and photos.

While reading this, you may think that this is not a problem and you just need likes from other people and not bother about any likes or comments you made to other people. But the problem arises when you likes pornographic pics and status of others. Then your friends and relatives can see those pics you liked and commented. Shame.....

While searching Google, you can see a lot of face

Risk of using this method for getting likes in Facebook

As this is a free service, there is little risk while using this trick. As I mentioned earlier likes and comments to mature contents will be visible for public especially friends and families. 

Also Facebook states that sharing of Access Token to unknown apps and websites is somewhat like sharing of your password.

Then how to avoid this risk 

Use your commonsense. First create a fake ID then use it for autoliker website. then no risk for your original account and gets likes for free.

Sample Autoliker page for getting Facebook likes

Here I am giving you one of the free autoliker website name. You can find good working sites by Google " facebook Working autolikers" etc..

one of the Current working autoliker is


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