Friday, September 6, 2013

4:25 AM
In one of our previous article, we had discussed how to unlock your android device, If you forget your pattern lock. It had helped a lot of people for unlocking their device.

From the comments of that article, I noticed that many had forget their usernames and passwords for unlocking the pattern lock. It this case, you can try the following steps to unlock the pattern lock.

Forgot pattern lock on android

Unlock Pattern lock in android, If you forget username and password.

1. Factory reset through boot menu

There is a facility in all android devices to enter to its boot menu like what we are doing in our PC. In case of Galaxy mobile series, we can enter to its boot menu by 

  • Switch Off Mobile
  •  Press Volume UP + Middle Button + Power button

There you can see an option to Wipe data / factory reset

You can navigate through boot menu using Volume Up , Volume Down and Middle buttons.

Volume Up      - Going Up
Volume Down - Going Down
Middle button - Selection

After Factory resetting, select Reboot.

Declaimer: We are not responsible for any problems happen to your device while doing so. 

2. Install a custom ROM for your device

You can install a new Custom ROM for your android device. For this you need to root your device. I can't illustrate the rooting process here because, there are lot and lot of android devices in the market. Rooting tool and procedure for all these devices are different.

I Rooted and installed custom ROM for Galaxy Y and Galaxy Ace of my two friends when they forget their Gmail username and password. Do this only if the warranty ended and you have an accurate confidence about the procedures.

You will get the rooting tools and Custom ROM's for your device by simply Google it. If you are doing it with in warranty period, warranty will breaks up. Also new Custom ROM's will give your mobile a new look.

3. Return it to the customer care

If you have the problem in warranty period, kindly return it to the customer care office. They will reset it by their own procedures. It will be cost free also.

Don't think this article as non sense. If you found any other methods, please comment here.


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