Friday, September 6, 2013

4:18 AM
Wifi - Wireless Fidelity allow you to share internet connection to any number of devices without the use of cables or wires. While at a junction or at college, searching for WiFi, you can see Wireless connection with various names. Some connections have the same name as that of the router. In case of college Wi-Fi it have the name of college and so on.

In one of our previous article, we had discussed how to change wifi password. Today we are going to express how to change wifi name. If you have Wifi at home, you can change it name to anything else. After this, searching for a WiFi, you can see the name you given.

Change wifi name Simple and easy step

In this article, i am showing you how to change wifi name through an DIGISOL router. It is difficult to show this topic on all routers. In case of other routers there may be some small changes. Have a look on it.

  • Get inside your WiFi Router by typing the url in the address bar. It will work on all browsers.  In some other routers  Then you can see a box asking for your router username and password. By default it is admin and admin.

Change wifi name

  • Then you will be at your Router Settings Page. There you can see security page of your WLAN. In my DIGISOL router its by clicking Network > WLAN > Basic [ It depends on your router.
How to change wifi name? Simple steps with screenshot

  • Then change the SSID [SSID is the name of your router]. And click Apply changes.
How to change wifi name? Simple steps with screenshot

Now you can see your Modem getting restarted. i know that this will be not the exact way to change the Wifi name on all routers. But making a reference to this article, you can easily change your WiFi names with less than 5 minutes.


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