Thursday, September 5, 2013

8:59 AM
Choosing the right keywords for your article is better way for search engine optimization  If you are new to internet or blogging world, you may confused about the term keywords and keyword selection criteria. This article is fully intended for Search engine optimization by using proper keyword placement.

How to find Keywords?: All about keyword selection in SEO

What is a keyword in SEO?

Most simply keyword is the term, which is commonly searched by people in various search engines to get a particular result.There are short-term keywords and long-term keywords too. Here are some examples for keywords.

Example 1: Apple
Example 2: Apple iPhone
Example 3: Apple iPhone 5
Example 4: Apple iPhone 5 Jailbreak
Example 5: iPhone stuck on apple Logo

These all are only some examples of relevant keywords which are using by thousands of people daily. If you are willing to make an article to Apple iPhone, you need to find perfect keywords related and exactly matching to your content.

Easy way to choose appropriate keyword

It's necessary to choose appropriate keyword for Search Engine optimization. Then How to choose it? 99% of probloggers uses Google's Adwords tool for finding Keywords for their Posts. Using adword tool, you can find out exact keyword for your Article. You just need to Search some relevent keywords related to your article in Adwords tool. For example you are going to post something related to "android Phone Trick". Just search this keyword in adword tool. Within seconds you got a list of related Keywords with its competition and Monthly searches.

Then How to choose it??

From the list such displayed choose appropriate keyword with less competition and high monthly searches. Adword Tool Displays competition as low, medium and High. Its better to select Low Competition Keywords with high searches. If you choose high competition keywords for your content, it turns to very difficult to list your post in first page of search engine results.
If low competition keywords didn't represent your content, then only try Medium and High.

Where to use the keywords which i had found using adword tool?

If you had well cooked an article, there is lot of place, where you can stick your keywords. They are as follows.

1. Keyword in title:- You should include keywords in your post title, which you hunted through Adword tool and this is the main place you need to attach your keyword. In title tags don't make loops of your keyword.

2. Keywords in Sub Heading and other Heading Tags:- The possible heading tags in HTML are h1,h2,h3,h4,h5 and h6. H1 Tags are using as Titles. In a well written article, there will be sub heading (h2), minor headings (h3) and other normal headings. Try to use keyword rich headings.

3. Keywords in meta description:- Important same as keywords in Title. Meta description describes your Content, which also displays in search engine results. Meta description including targeted keywords will drive traffic t your site.

4. Keywords in images:- If you are posting an image rich article, it would be better if you put keyword rich description for your images. It not only provides traffic from image Searches, but also make your article Keyword Rich.

What Should be the Proper Keyword Density?

The Density of a specified keyword could be found out by using the formula NKW/TW*100. 
NKW- No.of times a specified keyword repeated.
TW-  Total no of words.

No one can argue a specific percentage of keywords for better SEO. But SEO specialists says that keyword percentage below 5% is enough for better SEO.

As per the reports Google Counts Keyword density above 2% as span while Yahoo , Bing and MSN Search will permit as high as 5% keyword density for good SEO. 

Keyword Conclusion 

Like majority of SEO experts, I also says that keyword density is not something which need be overly important. Placement of such keywords really matters. Placing keywords in Title and sub titles give search engine more about your content. Concluding this article by saying, Don't over optimize content with high percentage of keywords, results in search engine to think your content is spam.


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