Thursday, September 5, 2013

9:38 AM

If hackers intent to hack your email account, it could mean big trouble. Not only He/She could read your private messages but also send out spam e mails and also they make your messages public. If you aren't technically gifted you can follow these simple steps to make email account safe.

1. Log Out

The main step for protecting email account is, always log out from the e-mail account after checking emails. I had seen many email accounts which were not sign outed in cafes. Many are just closing the browser window instead log outing. This situation is a super chance for hackers to get into your account. So always keep in mind that never let your email [or any account] logged on.

2. Don't use 'remember me' in browser


This is the main way to loose your account. Never click 'remember me' or similar buttons to save your login details or dont save passwords in your browser. Think that you click remember passowrd option while browsing a public computer or computer in an internet cafe, some one next to you checks the saved password option, they can see all saved passowrds. The image shows saved password in mozilla firefox browser. 

In my personal experience i had viewed many of such usernames and passwords [facebook,bank,email] at cafe's. But as i am genuine i didn't use such accounts till now. It's a bit more of hassle to log in each time you want to email, but it's more safer.

3. Don't enter email details in unknown websites 

Never enter your details into a website unless you are sure it is a genuine website. Many websites having option to sign up using your existing email account or facebook account for time consuming. The problem is that they may lead to fake websites [ look like original gmail or facebook site but may be a duplicate one to hack your username and password PHP make it simple] to hack your usernames and passowrds. Don't visit your bank, email or other important site by clicking on a supplied link. Always type the link in your web address bar. 

4. Don't click on spam emails link 

 People are also not advised to reply to, click on any links, or contact any email addresses or phone numbers in spam emails. In case of gmail account team google knows which websites are scam and legit. So email from scam sites moved to spam folder.

By spam emails hackers sent you link offering money to you. [eg: You got 100000$ in online lottery. first of all visit a link and give your bank details] Truth is that you will not get that cash and you may loose existing money in your bank by giving details.

5. Avoid internet cafe's to check emails

 As per the report many cafe's are using key loggers to catch their customers personal details. The working of keyloggers are simple. After installing they automatically activated at system start up. When you press any key in the keyboard keylogger stores that letter. Think that you gives your credit card details. Such keyloggers saves all pressd keys and sends it to the hackers. Modern keyloggers have the option to send the saved details to any pre given email addresses.So avoid using of  internet cafe's to check emails.

6. Change your password at specific interval

Changing passwords at specific span of time is a good method. Huge email providing companies like google continuous monitor your account. If any attempt to log in to your account from other countries they may inform you to change your current password. So don't avoid such warnings.

7.Use anti virus and anti key loggers

Using of anti virus and anti keyloggers is an efficient way to protect your email account.


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