Thursday, September 5, 2013

9:31 AM
Subtitles are those words, which can appear in any language and that are visible above or below any video or movies. Using a subtitle, we can enjoy and understand any language film without time-wasting. All subtitle files have an extension of .srt and we can drag it to the corresponding movie, make the subtitle and video match.

Then what to do, if subtitles and movie doesn't match? If there is a second time difference in these subtitle and movie, it may difficult to understand and may irritate. So in this article, I show you how to  easily adjust the subtitles and movies with simple steps.

How to fix subtitle

Easy Way to fix the subtitles of a movie

Follow these steps to easily fix subtitles if there is a mismatch.

  • Select whether the movie is before or after the subtitle

  • Then enter the time difference of your subtitle with movie

  • There you can see the option to upload the subtitle, which you have.

  • Then click Fix Subtitles.

Now you will redirect to a sub page, where you can download the fixed subtitle without any cost. If you are using subtitle with a bad print, please don't try this method. Because Bad movie Print always make the subtitle difference as the movie progresses.


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