Thursday, September 5, 2013

8:52 AM
There is no doubt that good Search Engine Optimization lead your website in the top of search engine search results. If you done SEO without any malpractices you will get enough visitors daily from giant search engines like Google, Bing , Yahoo etc.  Probably you may think what is SEO malpractice. Simply, over optimized sites are main reason for search engines to reject your site. Take a look on what are the main reason for Search engines to reject your content.

What are the search engine malpractices which reject your contents in Search engine?

seo malpractices1. Duplicate Contents

If you are simply copy and paste same content in different title keep in mind that search engine algorithms are spotting your website. Copying contents from your own blog is same as that of copying contents from other sites. Sometimes you may think that write up a new article and publish the same in different titles. This is 100% foolishness. This will also affect your whole website performance. There are many website to check your content get duplicated or not. you can check it using

2. Large number of links

Another reason for rejecting your contents of top of search engine results are putting of large number of links in your post. If your site has a good google page rank and you are putting some other links on your page that links sucks your page rank cause rapid decrease in your page rank. That's why majority of bloggers and website owners putting their website link on other high ranked websites. If you necessary to put links please follow "rel=nofollow" attribute.

3. Hiding keywords with background color

Mainly new bloggers are doing are doing so. They would like to create a large collection of keywords below or inside post and try to hide them with the background color, so that no one can see it. Before doing this malpractice keep in mind that keyword density below 4 % are good for better SEO. Doing such dirty trick will increase keyword density more than 50% and results SEO penalty.

4. Giving bad backlinks

Never let your site linking to search engine hate contents like porn, gambling etc. It will hardly affect your site. If you are running such business no matter for giving links to such sites. No matter if you are running a gambling site and link exchanging with such websites.

5. Un-crawlable contents

This is a difficult to find seo malpractice. Every time you update your website or blog search engines will crawl your newly added pages. There are several facts which makes your content un crawlable by search engines. Huge loading speeds and  poor server responses are main reasons for search engines to reject your content. You can check all such possible problems or by using Google or Bing webmaster tools.


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