Thursday, September 5, 2013

8:35 AM
Title are the main part of your article whichs shows up first on the search engine results. Title tag is one of the powerful tag in HTML which can completely describe the article content. In order to maximize optimization of your blog you should mainly concentrate in the cooking of titles.

How to choose Title tag for better search optimization?

How to choose titles for getting more pageviews?

What should a title contain?

Most simply, you should choose titles which contains keywords. One of our article had discussed about keywords and keyword selection criteria. Please check it to find how to choose an appropriate keyword. As bloggers seo professionals says, you should keep titles with keywords and some uniqueness  For example, "How to drive traffic?" is highly searching keyword. While you making a post on topic blog traffic, it should better to make a title like "How to Drive Traffic? 5 Ways which i got 10 X more traffic for my blog" as i used in one of the previous article.

Better character Length for a title.

Many SEO experts claims that you should keep your title length with in 12 words and characters in title less than 72. The main reason behind this theory is that Main search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and ask are not displaying titles after 72 character. Also means that characters after 72 in length are not much useful. The following search result makes it more clear.

Don't make your title too long or too short.

From the above point, hope you clear that to make titles with in 72 characters. Very large titles reversely affect Search Engine Optimization. Also mind that don't make titles too short. If you are beginner in blogging don't cook your titles too short as it take long long long and long time to seated on the first page of search results. May be will not shown on Search engine results.
Consider you are going to post an article on topic "WIFI advantages" and you choose title as "WiFi Advantages". Will it quickly shown on the results? No chance. So change it to something like "WiFi Advantages - 5 among them you should know" [only an example]. These type of changes will surely made you winner.

Can I use multiple title tags in an article?

This is from my own experience. You should use only one title tag on your articles. I saw many blogs having multiple title tag using for over optimization. This is completely worthless. For underlining this point 
 Today there are many websites offering free site auditing. You can also find one such option in bing webmaster tool. In bing webmaster tool there is an option called SEO Analyzer. Using that tool for analysing a url with multiple title tags results in a suggestion to remove one of that title. Do you have any problem to believe such a great search engine suggestion?

Brief summary for creating title tags

  • Choose Keyword rich titles for your articles.
  • place your keyword at the beginning.
  • Use google adword tool for finding keywords.
  • No more characters greater than 72.
  • Not more than 12 words.
  • Use numbers instead of words.
  • Choose unique titles for every articles.
  • Don't use too many keywords.
  • Avoid using of special characters
By following these title tricks, you are half of your way. These title suggestions can make your blog on the top of the search engine results.


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