Thursday, September 5, 2013

8:38 AM

"Content is King."

That's the quote by which all different kinds of marketers go by. Today, the majority of a company's marketing strategies rely on using different forms of content marketing to make it more effective. The advantage of this is it builds closer relationships with the target demographic, by not only communicating with them to patronize their products, but to also gives them real and up-to-date information, most of them related heavily to the company's products and services. It allows the target demographic to move towards the marketer instead of the other way around.

Content marketing is an ongoing process, and sometimes, pitfalls happen during the duration of it. Thus, here's some content marketing tips to keep your traffic using chat tools (or any other online tools available).

Make It Relevant To Your Product

As much as possible, the content you're producing should have a large degree of relevance to the product or service you're offering. Talking about food recipes when you're a company about appliances is still acceptable, as both can deal with food. However, talking about the latest in mobile technology is way beyond the scope of your business, and will make your content very questionable for your target, so avoid doing it at all costs. Relevance is very important because your content reflects the type of business you're doing.

Consider All the "Wants" And "Needs"

Since the customers are basically the reason why your business is running, you should take note of their wants and expectations from you. Make sure that the content you're delivering caters well to the customers ‘interests. Customers ‘needs vary, and will certainly change, or even increase, as time passes, so it's wise to find some methods to enable you to find out your target demographics’ needs, like an online survey.

Avoid Spam, but Encourage Sharing

Everyone hates spammy content, even you. And search engine sites have many methods to detect content which is considered spam. So spamming your customers in chat isn't going to gain you anything, in fact, it'll only make things worse. Therefore, for content you deliver, include an option for customers to opt-out, so that they can be given a choice.

Some content can be very pleasant to some customers, that they would surely want that to share with other people. Therefore, you should also include an option for readers to share your content on other social media sites, to encourage them to share it with others. But don't flood your content with "Share" buttons from tons of different social media sites. Just two or three like Facebook, Twitter or Zinzzchat will be more than enough for your needs.

Measure the Effectiveness

Finally, once you've delivered the content, it's time to track it. Tracking it allows you to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy in terms of sales generation, thus allowing you to make any tweaks or improvements to your current strategy.

If the stats show that it's doing very well, it's in your best interest to maintain that strategy and only make some adjustments. If it shows that the traffic isn't doing very good, try to find the problem areas of your strategy, and make some changes in it, then try again.


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