Wednesday, September 11, 2013

4:08 AM
A New Color to iPhone 5S & 5C
If GREEN is the color of money, then GOLD symbolizes the color of wealth. Even a hush hush cannot restrain the recent rumors circulating of Apple releasing a new color to the new iPhone 5S waiting to come out sometime this fall of 2013. While top competitors like Samsung, Sony and HTC have long been known to release various colors for their handset, iPhone will always be known for its elegance in black & slate or white & silver colors. These colors definitely matches everything else you pair it with, from business suits or evening gowns and even a shirt and jeans wouldn’t look bad either when you carry this awesome phone with you. But what if all the speculations are true? What if another color is about to come out waiting just in time with the release of iPhone 5S? Of course this will absolutely be a hit however way you put it. Just to carry that famous mobile device in your hands already gives you that edge; add a little more class with the color of GOLD and everything else is history.
Rumor or not, this new color for iPhone will not only be a unique feature for the new handset, the option also gives users the chance to choose a different color without having to cover their mobile phone and put on a separate casing. So yes, this rumor could spice things up making it more exciting for devoted iPhone users to get their hands on the new handset from Apple.
Apart from the new color to come out of iPhone 5S, there have been other sources saying that an iPhone 5C will also be released, it is further believed that this handset will be more affordable thus reaching out to wider age demographic. According to various sources, iPhone 5C will come in a variety of colors which includes green, yellow, pink, white and blue. These brighter hues will surely attract a lot of users especially youngsters who likes fashionable and matching colors. It is also said that to be able to offer it at a cheaper price, the shell or casing will be made of plastic contrary to 5S which has metal and aluminum material. With this news, it is pretty obvious that a whole lot of people will be more thrilled because those who cannot usually afford an Apple handset will now be given a chance to buy it without settling for anything less.
Inside the new look we are about to see, the important change we are about to expect is the performance. Some might say that the new phone will be equipped with a better camera from 8MP to 12 or 13MP perhaps, or even a dual LED flash to better capture images in low-light areas. As for the processor, a rumored A7 chip will be found inside iPhone 5S as well as 1 GB of ram. Although many users do want to have bigger memory capacity from the usual 16, 32 and 64 GB phone, we might possibly get 128GB storage option. Who knows? It might happen, right? Of course, a better battery life wouldn’t hurt so much either.
As for the operating system that comes with these units, it is assumed that iOS 7 will certainly be used. The new flat icons, panoramic wallpaper, control center notifications and multitasking features truly match the whole package. The unparalleled quality and stability of Apple when it comes to its operating system has been known all throughout the world and without doubt the new operating system will not only deliver superb features one could hope for but it will also surpass our expectation as well.


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